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Jake Floethe's Baseball Blog

BLOG ENTRY NO. 8: May 3, 2011 - "The Road to Omaha"

The end of the regular season is sneaking up on us and we cannot forget all the great times that we have had on the road. The 2011 Titans were fortunate enough to travel all over the United States playing some of the greatest college baseball programs around. We started our season by going to TCU, and then shortly after took a plane ride to Louisiana to play LSU, and a bus from there to Texas A&M. After one of the longest road trips I have been apart of, we hopped on another plane for non other than Hawaii. Even though that was our last plane trip, we have since had plenty of team bonding with multiple hour bus trips to UC Davis, San Diego and Cal Poly.

Jake: First off, after all these long road trips where we spent many nights sharing a room with a fellow Titan, who was your roommate?
Nick: Chad Wallach was my roommate on the road.

Jake: How was it living with a freshman for most of the season?
Nick: It was alright. It wasn't too bad having someone pick up my laundry and bring it back to my room. We put the room as cold as it goes so we don't have a problem with Chad's fire.

Jake: What road trip will you always remember?
Nick: Even though we struggled, I would always remember LSU because is was like playing in Omaha. A screaming crowd of 12,000 fans, in a great ballpark designed pretty similar to Omaha, was unforgettable.

Jake: What trip did you enjoy the most?
Nick: I enjoyed Hawaii the most. We had a lot of free time to walk the streets of Hawaii and go to the beach as if we were on vacation. You cannot beat going to Hawaii, especially coming away with a four-game sweep and being able to hit up Jimmies. (hahaha)

Jake: We all know how much you like a good meal... What city had the best food?
Nick: I would have to say Hawaii again. Shaved ice, Cheeseburger in Paradise and Blazing Steaks, is hard to beat.

Texas A&M Jake: What are your Top 5 food places you went to on the road?
1.) Firestone - Cal Poly (Tri-tip steak sandwich with fries and Dr. Pepper)
2.) Cheeseburger in Paradise - Hawaii (Teriyaki and pineapple cheeseburger with fires and Coke)
3.) Blazing Steaks - Hawaii ( Chicken and steak plate with brown rice and Korean Sauce with Dr. Pepper)
4.) Smashbox - Texas Christian ( Smash burger with curly fries and chocolate milkshake)
5. ) McCalisters - Texas A&M (McCalister Club with chips, Dr. Pepper and Cookie)

Jake: How do you think our road trips will prepare us for the post season?
Nick: We were able to experience hostile environments that will be worse than any other place, including Omaha. This allowed inexperienced players to adapt to a diverse number of crowds and fields that will hopefully help us down the road.

NEWCOMER OF THE WEEK: Christian Coronado
Jake: What's the biggest transition from high school to college baseball?
Christian: The crowd and tempo of the game, it really speeds up the game when there is a bigger atmosphere.

Jake: Being able to experience some of the best college atmospheres in the nation as a freshman, what road trip was the most eye opening?
Christian: The LSU road trip, we got to play in front of 12,000 people each day. The entire crowd was all against us and when ever something went their way, the stadium got so loud you couldn't even talk to your teammate next to you.

Jake: If you could go eat at one places you ate at on the road, where would it be and what would you get?
Christian: I would definitely eat at Firestone in San Luis Obispo, and would have the Tri-Tip Sandwich.

BLOG ENTRY NO. 7: Apr. 18, 2011 - "The Miracle League Clinic"

Every year the Titan team circles the date on the calendar that the Miracle League comes to Goodwin Field. I remember last year this was one of the best nights of the year and this year did not disappoint. We saw many familiar faces such as sluggers Hollywood, The Duke (Hammer) and many others!

Once the ballplayers arrived to the field we introduced ourselves and immediately started playing catch. I was lucky enough to play catch with Titan Joe and Jeremy; these guys really had good arms. Once we all loosened up and made new friends, the camp began.

We had five stations set up that included pitching, infield, batting cages, live game, and my station, homerun derby. Carlos Lopez was the main derby pitcher and I was scared for his life. Some of these guys were hitting shots right back at him, while others were putting balls deep beyond the fence. I haven't seen so many balls hit into the arboretum since Kevin Rath took pitcher's batting practice. (hahaha)

After a couple hours of station we all came together and accepted a gift from the Miracle League. We all came together and sat on the field and ate dinner. At the very end, our Titan team came up for our traditional break, but we of course had to receive our inspirational speech from Titan Joe!

I would like to thank the Miracle League for making this night happen, we had a great time and made life long friends.

-Gingeman Out-

BLOG ENTRY NO. 6: Apr. 17, 2011 - "The Salty Vet"

The 2011 Titans are full of new faces, but this vet has been here for the past 5 years. Yes, I said 5 years. This guy has been here for so long, that he doesn't even have a class to take during season. Ryan Ackland is the salty veteran that holds this club together. This dugout captain has been through it all, coaching changes to multiple elbow surgeries. He knows what it takes to be a Titan.

Photo of ackland

Jake: Ryan how does it feel being around Goodwin Field for the past 5 seasons?
&\#8232;Ryan: It feels good, I have been lucky enough to play for two of the best coaches in the nation (George Horton and Dave Serrano). The progression of what these coaches have done for this program and facilities have been great over my years. I have been very blessed to be around this program.

Jake: What was the most difficult part of these past seasons?
Ryan: I would have to say dealing with all the losses in Omaha and not being able to get a win in Omaha. There are a few others, like the conditioning in the fall. It does make you mentally strong, but come on, who wants to run at 6 a.m. - especially someone like me? I would also have to say changing in the locker room because so small. I have to find a way to get in and out as fast as possible.

Jake: How are you so fast changing in the locker room? I think all the new pitchers are in awe of your talents.
Ryan: My first year or two here I was in training, and now I am as efficient of jersey-to-street clothes guy that there is out there. I am kind of like a NASCAR pit crew, I have my things lined up and know the order and I am in and out. I am kind of like a one man pit crew; I am the best in the business.

Jake: What was your all-time favorite Titan Team besides the 2011 team of course?
Ryan: I would have to say the 2009 because we had a lot of fun, I played a lot and everything seemed to come together. We were very good on the field but it was all about the time off the field. We spent a lot of team time at the 2519. I learned how to play hard that year. We had a lot of great Titans that I was fortunate enough to play along side that year.

Jake: You are the dugout captain for the 2011 team, please tell us what that consist of?
Ryan: First of all it starts with clearing the field after BP (batting practice), then I am in charge of the pitching staff clearing. This involves repainting the lines, sweeping the base paths and mound. After the National Anthem we move to the energy drink gathering. This consists of most of the bullpen as well as your occasional position players. After the energy drink cheers we lock in to every pitch and don't miss a thing; such as check swings, ball in dirt and picking up fellow Titans.

Jake: You are so old you are now part of the grounds crew; what does that consist of?
Ryan: Well I get to the field around 7 every morning and drag and water the field. I help our grounds crew out with what ever they need and I help set up the field for the days game or practice. I am pretty good at what I do, I have been watching them work on it for the past 5 years, but I am going to stick with baseball for as long as possible.

-Gingeman Out-


Jake: So far this season, what moment stands out the most in your eyes?
Chad: I would have to say my first hit in Hawaii; It was my first hit and first RBI. It was a great feeling because it was a big hit in helping us win the game.

Jake: Do you make videos? ... and no, I don't! (two red heads on the team)
Chad: Personally I don't make videos, but very well could be an option in the future.

Jake: What do you think of the 5th year Ryan Ackland? Chad: I think he is great for the team, heis like a grandfather figure for the team. He keeps us in tune to the game and he teaches us freshmen how to act on the field. I also have to mention the great job he does on the field.

BLOG ENTRY NO. 5: Apr. 6, 2011 - "The Flair"

If you have been out to a Fullerton baseball game you may notice some of the guys with a "flow" of hair coming out of their hat. They like to call it their "flair". This flair has been taken very seriously by some of these guys, making sure to take a peak in the mirror before heading out to the field. A few of these guys have been growing their hair out for months. This flair doesn't stop at what goes underneath the hat, but facial hair as well.

Matt Orloff aka "Boy Meets World": Matt has taken over the largest flair on the team since Richy Pedroza cut his hair. Matt has been growing his hair out for 6 months to the date. Matt works with more of a flowing curly mop that would allow him to fit right in with the cast of Boy Meets World. Once he takes off his hat, Matt turns into a look a like of Ben Savage, also known as Cory.

Picture of Orloff
Richy Pedroza aka "Tulorichy": Even though Richy may have lost the race for the most flair, he quickly became the the player with the best hair cut on the team. Richy came to the field with a Troy Tulowitzki (Tulorichy) cut, which has since disappeared. Richy smartly brought clippers to the field knowing that he had a Tulo mullet

Photo of pedroza
Outfielder Anthony Hutting takes pride in his flair. Anthony has a more traditional flair, in which he has straight hair that curls up in the back. This is the ideal flair that has been spotted by the flair king Jayson Werth. Anthony may be able to grow out that flair with ease, but his "beard" or chin hair is lacking. I have to give him credit he is trying but the kid is only 19. Don't worry Anthony, you'll fill that chin out some day. (I have no room to talk, but I know not to try!) Keep looking up to Jayson Werth.

Photo of Hutting
Dylan Floro aka "Cowboy Up": Dylan's beard is summed up in one word: cowboy. Dylan's long brownish-red beard has been in growth for almost a year. He has yet to trim it this year, and being his roommate on the road, I know he takes pride in it. Dylan carry's a comb on the road, not for his hair, but for his beard. If the hick cowboy walkout song that is played once he takes the mound is not enough, his beard will show that he is a true cowboy.

Photo of Floro
David Hurlbut aka "SkinHead": David has come in a close second in the facial hair competition. His beard is so brutal that it has started to grow away from itself. His red beard has reached a length that he has considered braiding it. I will have to say with his shaved head and long red beard it may not be a good look for David, but maybe it is for Bob.

Photo of Hurlbut
Broderick Floro aka "A Bald Move": Brock has gone with a bold move. He has gone with the reverse flair, well that may not be his choice. Brock is among the few who prefer to have their trademark hair covered by a hat at all times.

Walker Moore aka "Classic Phil": He has gone for the slicked back hair in admiration of Phil from the movie "The Hangover." Walker has made bad hair decisions in the past including last Halloween when he attempted to be Zack Morris from "Saved By the Bell" and ended up with a terrible orange look that lasted for weeks. So this classy look fits him much better. Sorry Walk, you have a ways to go to look like Phil.

Picture of Walker
Bob is the 35th player on our team. He joined us a few weeks back but made his first appearance on the mound in Hawaii. Bob happens to be David Hurlbut's other side... his big Italian side. Bob is a huge Bears fan, and worships the great Mike Ditka, only second to the inventor of the polish sausage of course. He enjoys a good Chicago-style pizza, which he says is only complete when topped with the right ingredients (polish sausage). He Is not afraid to tell things how it is, as you will see in the video.

BLOG ENTRY NO. 4: Mar 25, 2011

Photos of Pedroza brothers

A PEDROZA TRADITION: Our shortstop Richy Pedroza is the youngest of three Pedroza brothers. As many of you Titan fans know, Richy's oldest brother, Sergio, was a big part of the team that won the 2004 College World Series. Sergio would hear a calls from the stands at Goodwin Fields chanting, "Arboretum," which he earned by hitting 27 career home runs. Sergio was later drafted and played in the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays organizations. Jaime, the middle brother, took his talent else where in the Big West, at UC Rvierside. He was an All-Big West shortstop and was a 7th round pick by the Dodgers in 2007. Richy has followed in his brother's footsteps rather closely. He started most games for the 2010 Titans at third base and has become one of the elite shortstops in college baseball in 2011.

Jake: What was it like growing up with older brothers who were standouts in baseball?
Richy: I was able to slow down the game and understand what it takes to get to the next level. They were playing 5 years older than me, so when they were in high school or college ball I was able to hear what they were learning. This gave me a head start in the league I was competing in. Now that they are playing pro ball, I am still learning how they adjust to pitchers. it is a great advantage.

Jake: As kids, who was the most talented out of the three of you?
Richy: Me or Jaime because Sergio didn't play until he was 8. I remember Jamie being a nasty pitcher in little league. We got a head start because we were younger than Sergio, and started playing when we were 5. We made All-Stars every year and just made each other better playing everyday after school.

Jake: How did you cope with being the youngest? Did you mature faster on the field?
Richy: Definitely. Besides them being five years older than me and receiving information from the next level, I was able to play with guys who were older. I had to compete against them to be able to hang. I remember going to the cages every night with Sergio and Jaime and learning things about my swing that no other kid my age would understand. I believe this has carried over to help me at Fullerton and I will always have my brothers to go to.

Jake: Being around the 2004 Titan team, what did you learn?
Richy: I felt like every guy had a attitude to win and they all knew they wanted to win a championship... not just win (each game), but destroy every team. They played and practiced hard, it showed because they played like Titans. Their coaching staff was great and didn't let them slip, they all understood what they wanted and didn't let one day pass. I was lucky enough to sit in the dugout during the home games, and I was able to realize what it takes to be a Titan and how they played with such great passion and chemistry.

Jake: Being one of the smallest baseball players in Div. I, yet you play like you are 6-foot-3. How did you develop so much confidence and swagger?
Richy: My brothers helped me out by telling me I could do it and doesn't matter how small I am. I have to tell myself I am 6-foot-3 and I can hit like and better than anyone else. I have a confidence inside that no one else could have because of the way I grew up in the game of baseball.

Jake: You are the only switch hitter on the team, when did you start working on becoming a switch hitter?
Richy: I was always a natural righty and I didn't start working on hitting left-handed until I was a sophomore in high school. I didn't really commit to switch hitting until last year. It took a lot of time and dedication to become a switch hitter, but now my best side hitting is left handed.

Jake: Growing up with two other brothers, you had to be good at other sports, what was another sort you guys competed in?
Richy: We messed around with other sports just like any other kids, but we only played baseball. We all have a true love for the game and that's what ties us together and makes us still so close.

-Gingeman Out

NECOMER OF THE WEEK: Chris Devenski (Devo)
Jake: Coming in as a two-way player (INF/RHP), how was the transition to becoming just a pitcher?
Devo: I'm use to playing shortstop and so many other positions that my focus before the game was always on what the other teams' pitcher and what my approach to facing him would be. Now coming to the park as a pitcher, I think about throwing strikes and seeing what kind of tendencies the opposing teams hitters have, so I am ready once my name is called.

Jake: You are a pretty intense guy once you step onto the mound, what goes through your head once a batter steps into the box?
Devo: I have a clear mind and I focus on pounding strikes... things I can control. I look into the glove and not the batter and just say screw it.

Jake: I have to ask you, what were you thinking spray painting your truck flat black?
Devo: I was just having fun, messing around seeing what it would look like. I got my spray can for 99 cents at Home Depot and started spraying, and I liked it. I don't really care how people look at me. I'm just being me and having a good time.

BLOG ENTRY NO. 4: Mar 11, 2011

As you all know college kids may not drive the best cars... But that is not the case for your Cal State Fullerton Titans. Here are the best of the best automobiles/Carts for your 2011 Titans.
Picture of Wallis' cart
6. Coach Greg Wallace (a.k.a. Wally): Wally may talk a big game about how "strong" he is, coming to 6:30 a.m. weights. He dead lifts and squats like non other, but he always seems to find a way to take the golf cart everywhere he goes. If you are always into working out Wally, why take the easy way out? It is a beautiful Club Car with only 500 miles on it - 460 of them from Wally. It carries two divot fixer containers as well as a portable ball washer.
Picture of Ramirez's car
5. Noe Ramirez: Noe drives a custom green color 2000 Honda Accord. When I say custom paint job I mean he received a paint job that the paint began to chip away after 2 weeks. After his custom paint job Noe had to put on an alarm to protect his "sick" 10 inch sub "that bumps". He had to turn off his expensive alarm because with every little sound or movement around the Honda Accord, the alarm would sound. Lucky enough if someone tried to break in, the rear passenger door doesn't open anyway. Noe rocks his custom hubcaps that look great on his lowered Honda Accord.
Picture of Moore's car

4. Walker Moore: Walker drives around in a Nissan Maxima (a.k.a. The MAX). The MAX may appear to be just an average car; but no, it is not. He carries a screwdriver in the glove box for every time his mirror falls off so he can screw it back on. While on long road trips - which I have experienced first hand - when the mirror falls off, there is no hope trying to put it back on while driving on the freeway. So Walker resorts to rolling the window down and pulling it in so it does not hang from the cords banging up the side of the precious MAX. The MAX also include a Bose system. This may come as a shocker but it sounds great until you hit a speed bump or have to break rather quickly. This will result in the entire system going out and won't turn back on until he hit another bump or slam on the breaks. The final accessories to The MAX are the interior lights (including the entire front dashboard lights) that do not work while he is using his headlights.
Picture of Devenski's truck
3. Chris Devenski: Chris was in a car accident and totaled his nice truck, but thanks to his family friends he was able to luck out with this beauty. Chris was shipped a 1987 Mazda pick-up from New York. This 1987 classic only has 100 k miles on it with a 5 speed transmission and no radio. The red color with business stickers on it did not fit how great this car looked while Chris is driving down the road, so he decided to paint it himself... with spray paint! He put two coats of flat black spray paint and of course it looks great!
Picture of Rademacher's parking spaces
2. Bijan Rademacher: Bijan drives what we call the ghost. Bijan drives a 2010 BMW 750i. Yes, you all may be shocked to hear a college athlete driving such a car. We all thought the same thing and could not believe it. Well, we still don't believe it. This \$90,000 car gets to 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds and has navigation, a great sound system and many other fine accessories. You may be lucky enough to find Bijan driving around in this 7 Series but none of us on our team have been able to spot it. As you can see in the picture of Bijans four parking spots we leave open for him daily to make sure no one dings up his 2010- 7 series, that's if he ever decides to drive it.
Picture of Ray Hernandez's car
1. Ray Hernandez: Ray drives a 1996 Cadillac Deville. This maroon hard-top shag wagon has a digital mph read out as well as the remaining gas millage. The passengers mirror may be hanging from tape, but it does not knock the classic Deville. I have been lucky enough to take a ride in it and I have to say it is the most spacious car I have been in - almost as if it was made for low riding. Don't be scared ladies of the intimidation Ray may present driving this low rider, and pay no attention to the Handicap accessible sticker on his license plates. It just ads character to the classic look of the Fullerton Titans' top car.

-GingeMan Out

NEWCOMER OF THE WEEK: Anthony Trajano Jake: First off, I have to ask how does it feel being the Big West Player of the week?
Anthony: Its feels great it was very surprising I didn't know I was doing that good.

Jake:How do you prepare for games with screaming fans such as LSU?
Anthony: I just try and do my part and not try and think about the fans and play the game that I love. Coach Bergy helps me prepare for crowds like LSU, he has been on me all year and loud crowds aren't anything compared to Bergy.

Jake: What's something that the Titan fans may not know about Anthony Trajano?
Anthony:I idolize Derek Jeter. I respect the way he plays the game with ease and makes everything looks smooth.

BLOG ENTRY NO. 3: Mar 4, 2011

As you all know we just took 2 out of 3 from Top 10 ranked TCU. This was my first time visiting the state of Texas, and the saying "Everything is big in Texas" appeared to be true. In the 3 games combined there were over 16,000 people in attendance. All of the games were televised and if you did not see or hear the game, we did not make many friends in Texas.

After we lost the Friday night game, we came out with a different attitude and a bounce in our step, well what energy we had left to have a bounce in our step. We made a slight change before Saturday's game; we did not take batting practice. We ran! We ran for all forty minutes of batting practice, because we were not playing like Titans, and we needed an attitude adjustment.

In the first game we played a little timid and scared, but Coach seemed to run that out of us, and we showed up and played like we should.

During Saturday's game, we went back and forth with TCU with numerous close calls and hard nosed plays. For those of you who watched or listened to the game, Joe Terry, our third baseman, was not a fan favorite. After a close play at the plate in which Joe went in hard but clean, taking the catcher out causing the benches to clear. This is when we turned it on and came together as a team, in a way, igniting a fire and swag to the Titans.

The 6,000 plus fans in attendance would stand and "boo" as loud as they could every time Joe came to the plate or made a play in the field. We have not let Joe forget that, almost every time he stepped up to the plate in practice this week, our entire pitching staff would "boo" him.

This weekend was a big step for us. Taking 2 out of 3 from a team that did the same to us last year was big. It was not only important to win the series, but also to gain some confidence and momentum for the coming weeks as well as getting use to playing in an unfriendly environment. We will see much larger and louder crowds when we visit LSU next week and hopefully, when we reach Omaha later this season.

I would like to thank Cal State Fullerton and baseball boosters for some of our new additions to Goodwin Field. Come out and watch us this weekend against USC (Friday at 7pm , Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at USC at 1 pm) and enjoy our new HD screen above our scoreboard.

-Gingeman Out-

ONE-ON-ONE WITH Carlos Lopez

Jake: How do you feel about this year Titans?
Carlos: I feel great we have a deep pitching staff and some big time guys coming back for us. We also have some really good freshman and transfers that have come in.

Jake: What is different than last year team?
Carlos: Last year's team was great and had a lot of great people, but I feel like this year's team is closer with each other on and off the field.

Jake: What's your goal for this year?
Carlos: This year I just plan on doing what I can to help the team. I hope to do what I did last year except with a little better result at the end of the year.

Jake: Is it a difficult transition going from playing outfield to designated hitter?
Carlos: It kind of is, when I would have a bad day at the plate I could go out and flush it away by worrying on my defense. Now as a DH if I am struggling at the plate I just have to move on and forget about it. I also enjoy playing defense because I've done it my whole life, so it's a different being in the dugout watching the team play defense.

Jake: I noticed your walkout song is "No Hands" by Waka Flaka, is there a reason for that?
Carlos: I was at a party in the Fall and the song came on, I didn't like the song at first though. Then I started talking to some girls and they told me how much they loved it, so I love ladies and I give them what they want.

Jake: You claim you are the best Catch Phrase player on the team. I think my roommate Walker and I would take on any combination you and your roommates (Hutting, Orloff, Pill).
Carlos: First of my entire house, A.K.A 1633, is the best household in a number of things: best grades, best at tug of war and certainly the best Catch Phrase team out there. Luckily, since NCAA doesn't have a championship for Catch Phrase, we can make a wager on the game.


Jake: What will be your career after you are done playing baseball?
Joe: I want to be a firefighter. I grew up with my grandpa, who was a firefighter, and have always wanted to follow his footsteps in helping save peoples lives.

Jake: How did you feel being such a fan favorite at TCU?
Joe: I loved the heckling. I would go back and forth with them, in a way encouraging them to talk more. When they told me to smack my glove, I'd smack my glove. When they told me to look over at them, I'd wink at them. And the boo's just made things even better!

Jake: Do you really think you have a chance of beating past Titan Gary Brown in a foot race? Because I think you have no shot.
Joe: Come on! With out a doubt I'd smoke him. What kind of question is that? Can you ask me a serious question?

BLOG ENTRY NO. 2: Feb. 24, 2011

Welcome back to another week of Titan baseball. A new season comes new faces, new faces comes new names and with names of course comes nicknames. Even though we are only one week into the season, the 2011 Titans have become a family over the past 7 months. Here are the top 5 nicknames for your 2011 Titans:

Anthony Hutting (AKA Heavy Legs): Anthony may not be the quickest outfielder we have, nor base runner, because he appears to have a piano on his back. Anthony struggles with some thick and slow legs.

Walker Moore (AKA Walksauce, Walka Flacka, and my favorite Big Bird): Walker is my roommate and usually nicknames come from other people giving it to them, but it seems to me that he refers to himself as Walksauce. Walker hopes to open a club after baseball with a huge "D-floor" or dance floor with the club being called "Walksauce". His second nickname that has slowly caught on came to Walker while listening to a song, by rapper, Waka Flacka. The final nickname, Big Bird, is obviously one that he did not come up with. The way he looks in his uniform with his long skinny legs he resembles the Sesame Street character, Big Bird.

Tyler Pill (AKA Chyler): Tyler has always had trouble pronouncing the letter T. It seems to come out more like a Ch. Tyler also has a few other nicknames that involve his "claim to fame", being the 3rd ranked player in the world in the video game, Call of Duty. For all you Call of Duty fans, find his gamer tag as Dr. Pill.

Dylan Floro (AKA Farmville and Eeyore): Dylan is known for his love for the country lifestyle, and the Facebook game Farmville, I believe was made for someone like Dylan. Dylan has been quoted saying, he would rather be living on a farm in Nebraska. Dylan's persona on and off the field are calm, mild manner and a little slow like the Winnie The Pooh character, Eeyore.

Noe Ramirez (AKA Sucio): Sucio, the dirty one... this nickname was given to Noe his freshman year and has stuck. The nickname came about when Noe was telling all the older guys how nasty he was in high school and people would call him Sucio. The nickname became a joke and after back to back All-American years, Noe deserves the nickname, Sucio.

Derek Legg: Predator
Richy Pedroza: Mijo, Ardilla (Squirrel)
Ivory Thomas: Blade
Carlos Lopez: Barry, Slumdog
Chris Devenski: Dana, Devo
Spencer Ofelt: Spinny
Joe Terry: G-baby, Jerry
Bijan Rademacher: Mustard
Chad Wallach: Big Country
Zach Tanida: Ninja
Jake Floethe: Ginge
Keegan Dale: Austin Kingsolver's twin
David Hurlbut: Booty
Casey Watkins: Warren "Something About Mary"
Nick Ramirez: Tuffy the Titan
Christian Coronado: Batman
Grahamm Wiest: Robin

NEWCOMER OF THE WEEK: Michael Lorenzen

Jake: What was the deciding factor in you not signing a professional contract out of high school and decided to continue your career at Fullerton?
Michael: Gods will and getting an education, while being apart of the Titan tradition.

Jake: Who is your favorite Titan form the past? And why?
Michael: Mark Kotsay, because he was hard noised and played the game the right way. He also plays the same position as me and I hopefully will have the opportunity someday to play centerfield and close like what he did at Fullerton.

Jake: What do you have for your pregame meal?
Michael: A Smuckers six pack of PB&J.

GingeMan Out!
Video to come: Walker Moore, staring in "Walker Texas Ranger".

BLOG ENTRY NO. 1: Feb. 15, 2011

Last year's season ended very abruptly, one out short of reaching Omaha. Your 2011 Fullerton Titans are ready for another great year at Goodwin Field. Even though we may have lost two first round picks in Christian Colon and Gary Brown, as well as the past Blog Man, Kevin Rath, we have reloaded with newcomers such as Blake Barber, Michael Lorenzen, Josef Terry, Christian Coronado, Chris Devinski and many other important pieces to the 2011 Titans.

Last season many of you probably will best recognize me as the player who ran the balls out to the umpire and retrieved foul balls. I am Jake Floethe, a junior transfer from Fresno State; I sat out last season due to the NCAA transfer rule. I am a right handed pitcher, who was lucky enough to pitch for the 2008 Fresno State National Championship team. I am very honored and fortunate to be welcomed into the great tradition of Cal State Fullerton Baseball.

As I scroll through the Fullerton baseball website I came upon our opening day video of Richy Pedroza. I could not help but get chills from watching this video. Richy may appear to be just 5 feet 7 inches at the short stop position, but he has the biggest heart and an uncanny feeling for the game that you cannot put into words.

As the season creeps up just days away, the Fullerton Titans can not wait for our opening game, February 18 against our archrivals the Long Beach State Dirtbags. We have spent countless hours getting ready for this season, from running on the track at 6am to thousands of groundballs, numerous bullpen sessions and countless swings, the 2011 Titans are finally ready. We will be facing one of the toughest schedules in the Nation this season, including trips to Louisiana State University, Texas Christian, Texas A&M and of course Hawaii. We also play UCLA, Arizona State and many national rank teams at home.

We can not look past the first weekend. Noe Ramirez will be returning to the mound on Friday night against the Long Beach State Dirtbags. Noe had a great sophomore year for the 2010 Titans receiving All-American Honors. He will be leading our strong pitching staff into the first weekend series against Long Beach and North Carolina.


I will be updating my blog at least once a week while we are playing in Fullerton or on the road. This blog will also consist of a "Newcomer of the Week", which will allow you the fans to get to know the 2011 Titans a little better. I would like to think the past blog men such as Kevin Rath, Jared Clark and Jon Wilhite. Hope to see you all out at Goodwin Field this season!


Floethe: If you weren't playing baseball, what do you think you would be doing with your life?
Wiest: I would be a waiter at BJ's Bar and Grill, and going to Cal State Fullerton.

Floethe: Do you have a nickname? And how did you get it?
Wiest: Gill is my nickname, which comes from my umpiring skills in inter-squads. I may be the best umpire around, behind the plate as well as on the base paths. My umpiring partner Tito (Noe Ramirez) makes a great duo.

Floethe: What are you looking forward to the most about this upcoming season?
Wiest: I am looking forward to playing the best teams in the nation and going to Omaha. Not too many freshmen are lucky enough to travel to places such as LSU, TCU and Hawaii. Growing up in Orange County and knowing the importance of the rivalry against Long Beach State, I can not wait for my first college baseball game against our rivals.


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