EXTRA TIME: Meet Freshman Midfielder Ali White...


WSOC-2013-Ali-White As part of a weekly series, FullertonTitans.com will introduce you to some of the new faces on the Cal State Fullerton women's soccer team in a little feature we like to call "Extra Time." This week, we introduce you to freshman midfielder Ali White from Yorba Linda, Calif. (Valencia HS).

White is a four-year letter winner for the nearby Tigers in Placentia, Calif., earning three Empire League Offensive MVP honors and finishing her prep career with 47 goals. Off the field, she was a three-time Valencia HS Distinguished Scholar and a two-time honor roll recipient.


Q: One thing you can't live without...
A: Ice cream

Q: One word to describe you...
A: Mysterious

Q: Favorite game show...
A: Wheel of Fortune

Q: Favorite movie...
A: "The Notebook"

Q: Favorite actor...
A: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Q: Favorite actress...
A: Rachel McAdams

Q: Favorite TV show...
A: Phineas and Ferb


Q: I became a Titan because...
A: All my life I wanted to feel at home at whatever school I attended and, once I took my official visit to Cal State Fullerton, I knew I was home.

Q: Cal State Fullerton soccer will be fun to watch this year because...
A: The energy from the players will definitely hit the crowd and the charisma within each player will keep the game exciting and the fans engaged.

Q: My favorite pregame ritual is...
A: To take a few deep breaths, search and find what my goals for the game are, pinpoint them, and visualize myself accomplishing them.

Q: The best advice I have ever received/the worst advice I have ever received is...
A: The best advice I have ever received is to keep working hard... the worst was to just "give up."

Q: Toughest team I have ever played against...
A: Yorba Linda High School's 2011-12 team.

Q: Toughest player I have ever played against...
A: (Current Titan teammate) Rebecca Wilson.

Q: The most memorable place I have ever played a soccer match...
A: Yorba Linda High School's Nathan Shapell Memorial Stadium because the game was the best of my high school career and determined who would be league champions.

Q: What has been the hardest, most surprising, thing about transitioning from high school to college...
A: Adjusting to the way Cal State Fullerton plays the game.

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up...
A: A professional soccer player because I would be getting paid for doing the thing I love the most.

Q: The team I would most like Coach Brown to add to the schedule...
A: Chico State so I can play against my former club teammates.

Q: If I could play a sport OTHER than soccer, it would be...
A: I would run sprints for the track team because I am not too slow and there is still immense competition.

Q: In 10 years, I would like to be...
A: Holding down a stable career, a house, and, hopefully, a family.

Q: If I were stranded on a desert island, and I could only bring one thing, it would be...
A: A picture of my loved ones so I had hope to get me back to civilization.

Q: I would like to switch places for one day with...
A: My mom, Julie, so I could get a glimpse of how life would be as a strong, successful, and accomplished woman, and have the honor to be in the shoes of such a great person.

Q: My favorite soccer moment was...
A: When I scored the winning goal in the last five minutes of double overtime at Yorba Linda High School to win the league championship

Q: My favorite quote/saying by Coach Brown (so far)...
A: "Next thing..."

Q: If I could invite three famous people to dinner, I would choose...
A: Mia Hamm -- so I could hear the story of her journey of how she became an international soccer star... Morgan Freeman -- because he looks like he'd have some great stories to tell... Kevin Hart -- so I could have a good laugh as we all choke down our food.

Q: If I could have a super hero power it would be...
A: Teleportation so I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted to, without paying for an airline ticket.


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