Atkinson, Murphy, Sauer Win Early Bouts

Dec. 20, 2006

Reno, NV - Morgan Atkinson at 149 pound, Ian Murphy at 184 and Wade Sauer at heavyweight each won his first two bouts for Cal State Fullerton today at the Tournament of Champions in Reno.

Results through this afternoon:

Jaime Hernandez
lost to Ricky Zuniga of Southwestern, 6-3

T. J. Dillashaw
major dec. Mike McPeak of Montana, 9-0
lost to Joey Lucas of Oregon, 4-2

Benny Garcia
lost to Jason Cook of Purdue, 3-1

Nick Blackshaw
lost to Jeff Newby of Boise State, 3-1

Morgan Atkinson
dec. Clayton Wolfe of Southern Oregon, 10-4
tech. fall 16-1 over Tomas Rosa of Southern Oregon
dec. Tyler Parker of Stanford, 6-0

Bobby Musser
dec. Kyle Bounds of Oregon, 4-2
lost to Chase Pami of Cal Poly, 8-1
Paul Tice
lost to Kenny Quallick of Southwestern, 7-5
lost to Yayden Harrison of Embry Riddle, 18-6

Bryan Tice
was pinned by Johnny Hendricks of Oregon State, 2:36
dec. Aaron Glover of Duke, 8-5

Scott Judd
lost to Johnny Nunez of Boise State, 12-2

Ryan Budd
lost to Brandon Sinnott of Central Michigan, 17-3

Ian Murphy
pinned Dan Fox of Duke, 2:04
pinned Hase Locke of Southern Oregon, 3:12

John Drake
dec. Tom Block of Manhattan, 3-1
was pinned by Kelly Anundson of New Mexico, 5:30

Wade Sauer
dec. John Buck of the Citadel, 7-3
dec. Chris Kasten of Purdue, 4-3

Below is a weight-by-weight breakdown of the seeds for the tournament.


1. Chad Mendez (Cal Poly) 2. Tanner Gardner (Stanford) 3. Luke Smith (Central Michigan) 4. Tyler Shinn (Oklahoma State) 5. Brandon Precin (Northwestern) 6. Nick Smith (Minnesota State) 7. Christian Smith (Liberty) 8. Brandon Tucker (Purdue)


1. Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State) 2. Darrell Vasquez (Cal Poly) 3. Ocar Gaitan (UC Davis) 4. Jeff Pfaffinger (Minnesota State) 5. Bobby Pfennings (Oregon State) 6. Justin Perch (Oregon) 7. Corey VomBaur (Wyoming) 8. T.J. Dillashaw (Cal State Fullerton)


1. Kyle Carson (Oregon State) 2. Matt Schuman (Cal State Bakersfield) 3. Eric Krueger (Central Michigan) 4. Efrain Ayala (Minnesota State) 5. Gordon Villascus (Embry-Riddle) 6. Ethan Kyle (Oklahoma State) 7. Chris Smith (Montana State Northern) 8. Tin Harner (Liberty)


1. Morgan Atkinson (Cal State Fullerton) 2. Jake Patacsil (Purdue) 3. Carter Downing (Wyoming) 4. Brandon Doyle (Cal State Bakersfield) 5. Derek Kiperberg (Oregon St.) 6. Brandon Carter (Central Michigan) 7. Levi Duyn (The Citadel) 8. Mark Powell (Purdue)


1. Josh Zupancic (Stanford) 2. Wayne French (Great Falls) 3. Tyler Sherfey (Boise State) 4. Brandon Girtz (Minnesota State) 5. Chase Pami (Cal Poly) 6. Hayden Harrison (Embry-Riddle) 7. Newly McSpadden (Oklahoma State) 8. Eric Neil (Central Michigan)


1. Johny Hendricks (Oklahoma State) 2. Patrick Pitsch (Arizona State) 3. Trevor Stewart (Central Michigan) 4. Brain Perry (Stanford) 5. Greg Hagel (Northwestern) 6. Justin Farga (Purdue) 7. Scott Gescher (Stanford) 8. Brandon Kelly (Newberry)


1. Brandon Sinnott (Central Michigan) 2. Jeremy Larson (Oregon State) 3. Ken Cook (UC Davis) 4. Brandon Mason (Oklahoma State) 5. Nick Hayes (Northwestern) 6. Bryan Varnal (Wyoming) 7. Nick Hernandez (Cal Poly) 8. Nick Corpe (Purdue)


1. Christian Sinnott (Central Michigan 2. Ian Murphy (Cal State Fullerton) 3. Travis Krinke (Minnesota State) 4. Jeffre Lander (Embry-Riddle) 5. Nick Skinner (Purdue) 6. Jack Jenson (Oklahoma State) 7. Yuri Kalika (Cal Poly) 8. Keeno Griffin (Newberry)


1. Wynn Michalak (Central Michigan) 2. Mike Tamillow (Northwestern) 3. Matt Monteiro (Cal Poly) 4. Nate Moore (Purdue) 5. Casey Woodall (Adams State) 6. Elliot Kelly (UC Davis) 7. Kelly Anderson (Newberry) 8. Jason Trulson (Arizona State)


1. Dustin Fox (Northwestern) 2. Ty Watterson (Oregon State) 3. Bubba Gritter (Central Michigan) 4. Cody Parker (Cal Poly) 5. Wade Sauer (Cal State Fullerton) 6. Jared Rosholt (Oklahoma State) 7. Andy Patrick (Boise State) 8. Brady Wilson (Minnesota State)


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