POSTGAME QUOTES: Cal State Fullerton 11, Louisville 2

June 6, 2009


Louisville Head Coach Dan McDonnell:
"We just ran into a buzzsaw. I'd be looking forward to follow [Fullerton in Omaha]."

"I'm really proud for our kids. It was a fun year."

"[Our team] continued to take Louisville to another level."

On Lousiville starting pitcher Justin Marks & 3B Chris Dominguez:
"They are two of the greatest to ever play at Louisville."

On Fullerton's good start:
"That feeds into their style."

"I was very impressed with [Fullerton's] balance in their lineup. I was impressed with their experience. It's a mature older club."

On Fullerton pitching staff:
"They just do a good job locating their pitches."

On the future of Louisville baseball:
"We just got to keep the momentum going. We live to go to Omaha. The pieces are in place. It's our job to get great players."

Starting Pitcher Justin Marks:
"When [Fullerton] got out of the gate, it's hard to gather yourself. I didn't do my part in this game.

3B Chris Dominguez on hitting two home runs:
"I just decided, this might be my last game, so I went at the ball."

Cal State Fullerton Head Coach Dave Serrano:
(Opening statement) "Proud probably doesn't describe how the coaching staff and I are of this team. About a month and half ago, the team was questioning their commitment. But we came together. I hope this proves that when you're together you can accomplish anything. There's not one facet of our game that needs any tweaking right now. Omaha is the greatest place in the world to finish a season. We think we have a legitimate chance to win the national championship the way we're playing right now."

(On comparing to other Fullerton teams) "I don't want to compare this team to other teams. This team has its uniqueness. It's going to take someone playing pretty darn good baseball to make us take our uniforms off."

(On Fullerton's play) "It doesn't matter what color of uniform we play, we can only control Titan baseball. We've played the best schedule in the country. We wanted to test them and we came out passing with flying colors."

(On Jon Wilhite being at the game) "Even more of a climax for me was that Jon Wilhite was here today. He's one of our warriors who is fighting for normalcy again and his presence made the day complete for me."

Freshman pitcher Noe Ramirez
(On his performance) "You play with the lead and you feel way more comfortable. You can get away with some stuff and can miss some spots."

(On facing Chris Dominguez) "I learned to stay away from him. Me and (Dave) Serrano had a plan and I tried to stick to that."

Senior second baseman Joe Scott
(On pressuring Louisville) "We were going to pressure them. We knew they would have trouble adjusting to our game. With the pitchers pitching like they were and the offense going like it is, it was pretty easy."

(On the Titan level of play) "The way we're going right now is pretty special. It is my third time to Omaha so it feels like home to me."

Senior first baseman Jared Clark
(On Christian Colon and Gary Brown getting on base) "When (Christian) Colon and (Gary) Brown get on, me, Felly (Josh Fellhauer) and (Dustin) Garneau usually get it done. When they set the table, special things happen."


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