Talkin' with Kevin Rath

Talkin' with Kevin Rath

BLOG 5: A Tribute To Titan Baseball. My Final Blog (June 21, 2010)

I have had some of time to reflect on my career as a Titan. It's amazing to me that three years have already flown by and my time as a Titan is done. There are too many memories to write about individually, so I am going to do something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I am going to thank everyone and tell you guys something special about them. If I leave anyone out I apologize in advance.

Coach: Thank you for letting us be ourselves and being a father figure to each and every one of the us no matter how many innings we pitched or how many at-bats we had. Thank you for treating us like sons.

Bergy: Thank you for always letting us know there is more in the tank and that we can work even harder. Thank you for teaching the 2010 Titans how to celebrate a win.

Serg: Thank you for always keeping the Titans grounded and showing us where we wanted to go. And thank you for always keeping the atmosphere at Goodwin Field level.

Brett Lindgren: Thank you for keeping our field as beautiful as it is and thank you for putting up with the pitching staff in the bullpen all year.

Jake Silverman: Thank you for always being one call/text away no matter the time or what the situation is. You have a bright coaching career ahead of you.

Toad: I can't thank you enough for what you've done to Goodwin Field. It is very much appreciated.

Wally: Thank you for always pushing the pitching staff to strive for more and for keeping us on track with our academics.

Mike Greenlee: Thank you for always making us feel like big leaguers with the media and always having positive things about us.

Matt Brown: Thank you for all the awesome action shots and making us feel like superstars with all of the photo shoots.

Joe Camacho: Thank you for always putting up with guys rushing in and out and continuously asking you for gear. You do a wonderful job.

Steve DiTolla: Thank you for the unconditional support no matter how we are playing and always getting us the best treatment.

Todd Rodgers: Can't say thank you enough for what you've done over the years. Everything from hotels to food to your one-liners walking through the office.

Brooks Bergeron: Thank you for showing the 2010 Titans how to celebrate sweeping a team.

Tracy Serrano: Thank you for letting Coach spend his time with us and for letting your boys be in the dugout with us. I'll never forget the memories I have of Kyle, Zach, and Parker.

Kyle Serrano: Thank you for providing insight over three years and loving being a Titan.

Zach Serrano: Thank you for respecting the game and caring about the Titan family the way you do.

Parker Serrano: Thank you for being yourself in the dugout and on the road.

Anne Marie Bergeron: Thank you for letting Bergy be with us as much as he is. And thank you for letting Brooks in the dugout.

Nicole and Natalie Bergeron: Thank you for coming to every game and supporting us, win or lose.

Olivia Brown: Thank you for letting Serg recruit and coach us as much as he does.

Vincent and Cruz Brown: Thank you for supporting us, win or lose, and for being in the dugout.

Jen McGhen/Rudy: Thank you for putting up with all of the guys and always being one call away for our ticketing needs.

The Fans: I would like to thank any fan who has ever stood in Goodwin Field during the national anthem and got the chills, knowing that for the next three hours 35 young men and a coaching staff were going to battle as much as they could to play the game the right way and respect the game the right way.

Former Titans: Thank you to any Titan who has paved the road for us younger guys, for playing the game the right way and for never ever giving up.

The Administration: Thank you to the administration and support staff at Cal State Fullerton for everything they have ever done.

Even though my career here is done and I am moving on I will never forget these memories. I hope the fans feel the same way. No matter what uniform I wear from here on out I will forever have navy blue and orange running through my veins. Thank you Titan Family.

One last time,
Blogman JR. OUT


Sunday, May 9, was a very special day for Titan baseball.

First and foremost the we would all like to thank each and every mother that has ever been a part of the Titan family. We realize we would be nowhere without you, and couldn't be more thankful for having you as our Mothers.

It was a very special day for me because, for the first time in my three-year career, my mother and my entire family was here to spend the day at Goodwin Field. It was very special to have them and all of the Mothers down on the field before the game, and seeing all the pictures we took afterwards, made it even better.

It was also special because we made history for Coach Serrano. He had never won a game as a head coach on Mother's Day. As he said before we took batting practice before Sunday's game, we already had a head start because we were beating Riverside 8-1 (due to the power failure on Saturday night). Being able to get Coach two wins on Mother's Day was very special for our team because we all know how important that day is to him. I feel blessed that the 2010 Titan team was the first to not only give him one win on Mother's Day, but two.

I would like to give a special thank you to my mother, Terri Rath, for everything she has done to raise me and helped me become the person I am today.

And I would also like to thank every single mom that attended our games on Mother's Day. Thanks to all of you who sacrifice for your children by taking them to sporting events, cleaning and folding their uniforms, and always being their biggest fan. None of it goes unappreciated.

Thank you Mothers. We love you very much!

Until Next Time,

Blogman JR, OUT

BLOG 3: THE HARD HAT (Apr. 30, 2010)

Many of you fans have noticed a blue helmet on top of our dugout. About a month ago our team's work ethic was questioned. People had been saying how talented we were and how good of a team we were, but we weren't putting it together and winning games.

Some of the older guys on the team, Christian Colon, Gary Brown, Jake Floethe, and I, decided it was time to take it to another level.

Being a little bit of a jokester on the team, I decided to wear a yellow construction worker hard hat to practice. We were coming off of our sweep of UC Davis and could sense the team feeling a little laid back - thinking we had "made it". So that day in practice I wore the hat and we took practice to another level.

From that day on we made a vow to outwork any team in the country. The coaching staff bought into the "hard hat" idea and had it painted navy blue and put an F on it. The hat is always taken with us and put in, or on top of our dugout, to remind us of the how hard we have worked as a team and how when things get tough, we know we have put in more work than other people in the country.

The point of the hard hat is to also pay respect to all of the former Titans who have put in hard work and have helped us and all future Titans. We are representing the men who played here before us and paved the road for us to win, and get all the good stuff we do here as a program.

The hard hat also signifies toughness as a team. We really respect the former Titans who weren't scared to take a "dos" or who would always take the extra 90 feet when it was available.

We will continue to outwork every team in the country because we owe it, not only to the fans, but to former Titans who have showed us the way.

Thank you fans and Titan Family.

Until Next Time,

Blogman, Jr., OUT.

BLOG 2 (Apr. 15, 2010)
Meet the dynamic duo at the top of the order and the heart of our defense: Shortstop/Lead-off hitter, Christian Colon and centerfielder/two-hole hitter, Gary Brown. Let's start off with Gary Brown:

Rath: Gary, you are one of the fastest kids in the country do you enjoy hitting behind Christian Colon?

Brown: Yes, I enjoy hitting behind "C" because he always gets on base. Whether it is a double or a walk he's always on base. With my speed I can lay down or a bunt or drive him in and no one wants to face the two of us back-to-back in the box.

Rath: I've heard people have recently started to call you the "Black Hole" playing out in centerfield. Now that you're playing your natural position you look a lot more comfortable on defense and offense. What do you think?

Brown: I love playing the outfield, it gives me a chance to use my legs to my best ability and I'm a lot more comfortable in the box because I have the freedom of roaming out in centerfield.

Rath: Now that you're a captain on the team in your third year as a Titan, do you enjoy the responsibility of being a team leader?

Brown: Yes, I do. I've had a lot more fun now that I am a captain. I'm much more relaxed and comfortable with the team and the coaching staff. I feel like I've really grown up and the coaches naming me a captain proved that to me and I am extremely proud to be a team leader on this talented team.

Now let's get to know the captain of the Infield, Christian Colon:

Rath: As the lead-off hitter of the Titans you have set the tone for each game all year. What has helped you make the transition from starting the season in the 3-hole and now batting lead-off?

Colon: I think when the coaches moved me to the lead-off spot it really helped take some pressure off of me and I just started playing my game offensively. With the good hitters behind me all I have to do is get on and let them drive me in. It's a good feeling knowing every time I get on I'm going to score.

Rath: You have gotten better every year at shortstop, what has helped you get better defensively?

Colon: I think being surrounded by good players has helped me play a lot better. Also, putting in countless hours on the diamond taking ground balls with "Bergy" has helped me sharpen my game defensively.

Rath: What is it like being a Captain for the 2010 Titans?

Colon: Honestly Kev, it's an honor and a blessing. Being a captain in such an elite program is a privilege. Guys like "Red" Turner, Kurt Suzuki, and Ricky Romero were captains here and I love being a part of that. I want to join the elite group that has a national championship ring and being a captain of a team that gets a ring would be even sweeter.

Rath: Well boys, thanks for your time and until next time.

Blogman Jr., OUT

BLOG 1 (APR. 5, 2010)
Hello Titan Fans! Kevin Rath here. I have been asked by Coach Serrano and Mike Greenlee to bring back the Titan Baseball Blog that has been done over the past two years by former Titan greats Jared Clark and Jon Wilhite. I amhonored to be able to represent the 2010 Titans by writing this blog. It will give you an insight to our team, coaches, and more of the inside scoop on our team.

Let me give you a little bit of background on myself so you know who you're talking to. I come from Las Vegas, Nevada, and am currently in my third year wearing the pinstripes, and I have loved every minute of it. It has been a dream of mine to play for the Titans since I was a child and got to watch my Uncle, Steve Rath, play for the Titans in the mid 90's.

First and foremost, let me thank the fans, and everyone in the Titan Family, forsupporting us through thick and thin. As we all know the Titans got off to a slow start in 2010, but through hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck, we have slowly started to turn things around. We believe that the Big West Conference portion of our schedule is our new season. The team has bought into it and we got off to a pretty good start against UC Davis.

Our bats really woke up against UC Davis in the first two games and in the third Billy "Park It" Marcoe came through with a huge game winning home run. Feeding off that momentum,we are looking to have that carry us through conference. The Titans are very confident right now and having a lot of fun on the baseball diamond.

Thanks to all the fans for the support!

Until next time, Blogman, Jr. OUT


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