MAILBAG: Feb. 5, 2009

MAILBAG: Feb. 5, 2009

Feb. 5, 2009

Thank you to the fans that sent in their Titan Baseball Mailbag questions this past week. If you have a question you would like answered by any of the Titans' coaching staff, send your question to Please include your name and the city you are writing in from in your email.

This week, Head Coach Dave Serrano took a few moments and answered questions about the Titan offense, postseason plans, and upcoming schedules.

I've got to put in my vacation request early and was wondering how you feel about Omaha in June?
&\#8232;-Mike (Los Alamitos)

Well I think this is an easy question for me to answer. Our motto for this year's team is "First to practice, last team to play." I hope that answers your vacation question. Not only will your vacation plans be ruined but we feel ours will be too if we aren't in Omaha in June.
-Dave Serrano&\#8232;&\#8232;&\#8232;

Big time hitting in clutch situations have always been a huge deal for the program, especially in the playoffs. With Erik Komatsu and Brian Wilson's departure, who is expected to be this year's big 3 and 4 hitters?
Daniel M., Visalia, Calif.

Erik Komatsu was a big part of the middle of our lineup last year, and we realize replacing him won't be easy. But having Jared Clark back as a 5th year senior with his experience and leadership - plus Josh Fellhauer, Christian Colon and Gary Brown all a year older - we fell we have a pretty tough lineup to have to get through. As we sit right now, the offense is the least of our worries. Finding the right combination of starting pitching and bullpen roles will dictate this team's success.
-Dave Serrano&\#8232;&\#8232;&\#8232;

If a focus of the program is on "small ball" I would recommend the No. 2 hitter be a good bunter and somewhat more of a weaker overall hitter (lower batting average ) as opposed to having a .330 hitter in the No. 2 spot. Save the .330 hitter to drive in the run rather than to bunt and sacrifice.

I believe our coaching staff's philosophy will always be an indication of what kind of athlete we run out there. I would consider our philosophy of offense as a pressure offense not necessarily "small ball". This can mean many types of ways to attack our opponent with the bunting game, hit and running, stealing bases, etc. We want to set our lineup where our most productive guys are getting the most opportunities each game. With this year's lineup we feel like we have a chance to have productivity throughout. Lastly the No. 2 hitter is only guaranteed one time a game to be in the two hole.&\#8232;
-Dave Serrano

&\#8232;&\#8232;&\#8232;What is your projected starting line up by position and batting order?
-Randolph R.

Keep in mind that every year the starting line-up on day one rarely is the final line-up at year's end. But here is what it looks like as of now: Brown-3B, Fellhauer-CF, Colon-SS, Clark-1B,Pill/Ramirez-DH,Davis-RF, Newman-LF, Garneau/Marcoe-C, Scott-2B. Remember guys like Corey Jones (recovering from broken ankle), Matt Fahey, Shevis Shima, Joey Siddons are all pushing guys for spots in the lineup.
&\#8232;-Dave Serrano&\#8232;&\#8232;&\#8232;

I graduated from Fullerton and I am a huge fan of Cal State Fullerton baseball, but I was born and raised in Louisiana and have always been a fan of LSU. Is there any chance that these 2 great programs could schedule a home and home series? LSU would enjoy the early season weather of SoCal, while CSF would enjoy the great Cajun food in Baton Rouge! All in all it would be a win/win situation! Lets make it happen!
-Dean B

Lucky for you Dean, as of now we are schedule to play in Baton Rouge in 2011. Unfortunately, LSU didn't want a return trip to Fullerton for whatever reason. The Titans will be in Baton Rouge this year, as we are scheduled to practice at LSU's beautiful, new Alex Box Stadium on Monday March 9. That is coming on the heels of our series with Southern Miss, before we head to Texas A&M on our long road trip. Hope to see you at that workout!
&\#8232;-Dave Serrano


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